Public Education Program (PEP)

What is the PEP Program?

PEP is an acronym for “Public Educational Program,” a series of messages sponsored by a nonprofit organization or government agency and carried over the air by radio and television stations through Oregon. The airtime is donated to the OAB by stations licensed to communities all over Oregon and, in turn, used to “broadcast” your organization or agency’s message statewide.

A PEP contract with the OAB gives your organization or agency unique access to a bank of airtime available at a fraction of the normal airtime rate! Through a PEP campaign, your organization or agency’s message has the potential to reach citizens statewide on all participating radio and / or television stations across the state of Oregon.

Who is eligible to participate?

Only nonprofit organizations and government agencies, which are not actively purchasing broadcast advertising, are eligible.

What is your organization or agency’s role?

All your organization or agency needs to do is sign a PEP contract and provide the OAB with the message you wish to communicate. Specifically, what do you want the citizens of the state of Oregon to know about your organization or agency and its mission and activities? Some important messages in the past have been about railroad crossing safety, childcare, forest fire prevention, and national security.

What is the OAB’s role?

Upon signing a PEP contract and providing the message to be communicated, the OAB will use its resources to distribute your radio and television announcements to participating stations throughout Oregon. Sorry, during the 60-days prior to any election, no message can feature the voice or image of any individual running or intending to run for public office. In addition, since participating stations are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, the OAB reserves the right to determine the suitability of all PEP announcements before they are distributed for airing.

How much does it cost?

The typical sponsorship for a PEP campaign is purchased in $15,000 increments. This campaign will incorporate both radio and television. There are customized plans available, and the OAB representative will be happy to discuss these alternative programs with you.

How does that break down for your organization or agency’s dollar? For every dollar that is invested in a PEP campaign, the OAB will make every effort to deliver at least $2.00 of airtime. For example, for a $15,000 investment, your organization or agency should receive a minimum of $30,000 in actual airtime value.

How does the OAB benefit from the PEP Program?

The sponsorship income that the OAB receives through the PEP campaigns helps the Association strengthen the public service and professionalism of local broadcasters throughout the state of Oregon. This is done, for example, by providing high quality, timely professional business and legal advice and other educational seminars and workshops, and by maintaining an up-to-date website with a free online job bank accessible by job seekers across the state and nation. The PEP sponsorship income also helps to fund scholarships sponsored by the OAB.

Who is the Oregon Association of Broadcasters?

The OAB is the only statewide organization dedicated exclusively to the local, free, over-the-air radio and television industry in Oregon. The OAB has the unique ability to harness the communicating power of your local broadcasters throughout Oregon.

Current Campaigns

Be Heard:

Our members reach every community in Oregon and engage listeners from a diverse range of audiences on a daily basis. What better way to engage Oregonians than to enlist our members who connect with them everyday?

Whether it is finding college funds and the right path for Oregon students, or getting people with disabilities the services they need, the Oregon Association of Broadcasters is a helping hand for non-profits and government agencies looking to be heard. To learn about our Public Education Program, please contact us at right.


A Helping Hand:
Public Education Partnerships

A Helping Hand:
Public Education Partnerships

A Public Education Program (PEP) Campaign from the Oregon Association of Broadcasters is a unique opportunity for your agency or organization to share your message with the entire state of Oregon by utilizing the power of broadcasting. Everyday broadcasters are running campaigns such as those connecting needy students to financial assistance, recruiting for the Army National Guard and Coast Guard, or helping the disabled. We connect worthy causes with the people they serve and their supporters. Read more about our PEP Campaigns in the “It’s Your Campaign – It’s Your Cause” section and how the OAB can be a helping hand for your community.

Helping Heroes

PEP Campaigns make a difference.

For more than two decades, the Oregon Association of Broadcasters helped the Guard meet or exceed its recruitment goals.

“Your campaign, your cause” with PEP campaigns through the OAB. You determine the message, we make sure it gets heard. Daily, our members reach every community in Oregon and engage audiences from a diverse range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, and who live in markets as small as Lakeview and as large as Portland. What better way to be heard than to enlist our members who connect with the Oregon community every day? Contact us to learn more about “your campaign, your cause.”

PEP Campaigns make a difference.