Reminder – OAB LBS Webinar

Posted On: Feb 07, 2019

Reminder – Upcoming Webinar!
February 12, 9:00am start

NOTE: these webinars are usually one-hour, depending how many questions come from the stations. 
Renewing Your Automotive Strategies for 2019
Broadcasters: Your auto dealers are facing a more challenging road this year, and it’s the right time for you to gain business from those dealers who have put you off in the past. You also need a strategy for your existing dealers, so they don’t bail out or cut back on you as the year progresses. John Tkac will deliver as he challenges and provides you with relevant information and ideas to make 2019 a tremendous automotive ad revenue year for you. Don’t miss this webinar!
Presented by: John Tkac, LBS Auto Expert and Former Car Dealer