2018 OAB Award Winners

Posted On: Mar 04, 2019

Congratulations to the 2018 OAB Award winners! The winners will be presented with their awards on Thursday, March 14 at the reception following our OAB DAY at the Capitol. Reception will be held at the Salem Convention Center, 200 Commercial Street, Salem, Oregon. at 5:00pm.

Here are the winners of the OAB Awards for 2018:

Broadcaster of the Year Bob Wise Vice President & General Manager KOBI / KOTI Medford, Oregon

The Broadcaster of the Year – is presented to an individual who has made an unselfish and significant contribution to Oregon’s broadcast industry. It is awarded to any broadcaster who is, or has been, employed in the broadcasting industry for a minimum of 15 years and who has made a significant and lasting contribution to Oregon broadcasting by virtue of a single achievement or continuing service on behalf of the industry. – The award winner joins an honor role of Oregon broadcasters including Bill Schonely, Patsy Smullin, Robert Dove, Cambra Ward, Jon Thompson and last year’s winner, DJ Wilson of KGW TV in Portland.

Tom McCall Leadership Award Gerry Frank Author / Civic Leader

The Tom McCall Leadership Award – is presented by the Oregon Association of Broadcasters to honor an individual or group of individuals who has distinguished themselves in service to the state and the/or the nation. – Award winner joins an honor role of past recipients including, Phil Knight, Congressmen Greg Walden and Peter DeFazio, Governor Vic Atiyeh and Representative John Huffman

Broadcast Heritage Awards    Karl Sargent Director of Engineering, California Broadcasting
                                                            Kevin Bane Program Manager / Radio Host, KURY AM & FM, Brookings, Oregon

“The OAB “Broadcast Heritage Award” is intended to honor an individual who is currently working in the Radio and/or Television industry in Oregon in a role other than general management or ownership, or although not currently in the broadcast business did work in any capacity in Oregon Broadcasting for a minimum of 15 years.”