Award Nominations

Tom McCall Leadership Award 2018

Broadcast Heritage Award 2018

Broadcaster of the Year 2018

Award Nomination Forms were emailed out, 12/12/18.

(links to copies of forms are above)

Please review each of the Award nomination descriptions below and think of who you know that may fit and are deserving of recognition. Please fill out the official form and email it back to the OAB. While the deadline for nominations of February 8, 2019 may seem a ways off, with the holidays and all your busy schedules it will be here quickly. Please feel free to discuss these awards with your team so we can get deserving and strong nominations.   The Awards will be announced and presented during the “OAB Day at the Capital” reception on Thursday March 14, 2019. 

You could also mail the form to:
OAB Nominations
2420 NE Sandy Blvd, suite 120
Portland, Oregon 97232


Broadcaster of the Year

Each year, the OAB honors an individual who has made unselfish and significant contributions to Oregon’s broadcast industry.

“Any broadcaster who is, or has been, employed in the broadcasting industry in Oregon, and who has been so for a minimum of fifteen years, and who has made a significant and lasting contribution to Oregon broadcasting by virtue of a single achievement or continuing service on behalf of the industry, shall be eligible to receive the annual OAB “Broadcaster of the Year”

Tom McCall Leadership Award

The criterion for the Tom McCall Leadership Award is as follows:

“The purpose of the Tom McCall Leadership Award, presented by the Oregon Association of Broadcasters, is to honor an individual, or group of individuals, who has/have distinguished themselves in service to the state and/or to our nation.”

Broadcast Heritage Award

“The OAB “Broadcast Heritage Award” is intended to honor an individual who is currently working in the Radio and/or Television industry in Oregon in a role other than general management or ownership, or although not currently in the broadcast business did work in any capacity in Oregon Broadcasting for a minimum of 15 years.”

There are many people who have made significant and unselfish contributions over the years to the broadcast industry in Oregon, but will never qualify for the Broadcaster of The Year award, or the Tom McCall Leadership Award.

The OAB would like to recognize some of these people by awarding up to three
“Broadcast Heritage Awards” each year.