Engineering & Emergency

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The Oregon Association of Broadcasters works with the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Oregon Office of Emergency Management to facilitate the statewide Emergency Alert System.  Links for required monthly tests and a generic operation log are found below.

Amber Alert

Time is the enemy following a child abduction, and law enforcement’s response must be immediate and focused. Oregon’s geography offers many advantages to a child abductor, including the opportunity to quickly transport the victim across county and state borders, or otherwise escape to areas where detection can be difficult. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, most children who were abducted and later murdered were killed within the first three hours of their abduction. Considering these facts, it is essential to child safety that a coordinated response take place within those precious hours immediately after an abduction occurs.

America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response Alert, or AMBER Alert, is a statewide innovative program that partners the law enforcement community, media broadcasting stations, and the public in locating abducted children. The goal of AMBER Alert is to immediately involve the public, especially motorists, in the search for an abducted child.

The OAB is proud to support Oregon Amber Alerts, and while the power of broadcasters to support their communities is clearly shown during Amber Alerts, each day broadcasters help their communities in other, sometimes less noticed ways.

First Informer

First Informer authorizes certified broadcasters – First Informers – to access their studio and transmitter facilities during a declared emergency.  

The Oregon Association of Broadcasters, Society of Broadcast Engineers and Oregon Office of Emergency Management crafted a training and credentialing program for engineers, technicians and Chief Designated Operators of radio and television stations.

The OAB encourages broadcast stations in the state of Oregon to certify their engineer or chief designated operator in the First Informer Program so that they will be able to maintain and/or repair equipment that will allow stations to continue to provide critical information to listeners and viewers during a declared emergency.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers facilitates the training and testing for the First Informer program, while the OAB maintains the database of certified engineers.