Cannabis Industry Adopts Rules For Radio Ads.

Posted On: Dec 20, 2018

Legalization of marijuana continues on a state-by-state march and for the most part it’s an advertising category broadcasters are shying away from targeting. But newly-adopted voluntary standards indicate what role broadcasters may play in pot’s marketing future.
The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), the industry’s self-regulatory organization, has released its first-ever national standards focused on advertising. The trade group calls advertising “essential” in establishing the public face of the industry. The guidelines released by NACB largely mirror the voluntary standards used by the alcohol industry when making its buying decisions. Members of NACB pledge not to buy any ad time from radio or television station unless it “is reasonably expected that no more than 15% of the audience is under 21 years of age.” The rules say any ad buyer will need to “utilize a method of age affirmation” to verify that’s the case. That’s most likely to be Nielsen ratings which have long steered which stations and dayparts secure buys from beer and spirits companies.