The OAB Political Action Committee (OAB PAC)

Why should I care about the OAB PAC?

What’s in it for me?

Broadcasters need to “be heard” at the Legislature in Salem – and whether we like it or not – whether we approve it or not – the bottom line is that “money talks” … and that’s where the OAB Political Action Committee (OAB PAC) comes in. That’s what the OAB PAC does – it opens doors so we have the opportunity to voice our position and our views on issues that directly affect free over-the-air broadcasters.

And we need your help to protect your jobs!

In the past, the OAB has been involved in these and other efforts in Salem:

Ban on Lottery Advertising
— (the OAB opposed)

Ad Tax on all broadcast advertising
— (the OAB opposed)

Ban on the airing of 911 tapes
— the OAB opposed)

The right for broadcasters to share, on an equal basis with newspapers, the millions of dollars spent each year on Public Notice and Legal Issue advertising
— (the OAB initiated the bill)

Restrictions on broadcasters to access and report from crime scenes
— (The OAB opposed)

Ban on non-compete agreements for broadcasters
— (the OAB opposed)

Several bills that would add additional restrictions on “open records”
— (the OAB opposed)

Protection for broadcasters (same as Federal) when airing state and local political advertising
— (the OAB initiated the bill – PASSED and is now the law in Oregon)

Indemnity for broadcasters when airing an AMBER Alert
— (the OAB initiated the bill – PASSED and is now the law in Oregon)

Passage of “First Informer” legislation, which allows broadcast engineers to access transmission and studio facilities during time of emergency

— (the OAB initiated the bill – PASSED and is now the law in Oregon)

Contributing to the OAB PAC

The OAB Political Action Committee (OAB PAC)

“What is the OAB PAC and why should I contribute?”

A vehicle to help elect reasonable legislators in Salem who will help businesses, especially small businesses, survive and thrive in Oregon.


Legislators who have experience running successful businesses so they can bring that experience to the Capitol in Salem.

Legislators who are willing to consider the effect of all their proposals on the ability to keep doing business and creating jobs in Oregon.

Legislators who are willing to consider the point of view of those who currently are running businesses in Oregon, including radio and television stations.


Helps finance campaigns of legislators friendly to Oregon’s local businesses.

Helps legislators understand the reality of doing business in Oregon.

Asks legislators to oppose anti-business proposals that surface at the Capitol in Salem.

Helps legislators understand the special needs of Oregon radio and television stations.


Oregon law provides a $50 per person and $100 per couple TAX CREDIT (not just a tax deduction) for any political contribution. So, $50 or $100 is FREE. But the OAB PAC will take any contribution of any size.

Please make checks payable to: OAB PAC  OAB PAC Contribution Form

Some OAB PAC Contribution Questions and Answers

Q: How do I contribute to the OAB PAC?

A: You can write a check or contribute with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

Q: Does a contribution to the OAB PAC reduce my taxes?

A: No. It is a tax “credit,” and it enables you to direct how you want a portion of your Oregon State Income Taxes invested.

Here’s how it works:

In the state of Oregon, you can receive a tax CREDIT of $50 for an individual taxpayer or $100 for a couple. Every employed person in Oregon will pay Oregon State Income Taxes.

EXAMPLE: If you contribute $50 to the OAB PAC, and you owed $50 in Oregon State income taxes, you would not pay any more taxes because you would have already pre-paid your taxes; or, if you owed $100 in taxes you would only pay $50 because you have would already pre-paid $50 of the taxes you owed; and further, if at the end of the year you didn’t owe any taxes at all, you would receive a refund of the $50 you had pre-paid.

Contributing to OAB PAC is an investment in broadcasting in our state, and the funds are used to advocate for the broadcast issues that are important in protecting your industry and your job.

If you have any questions about the OAB PAC, or about the OAB and how and what we do for our industry and our members, please contact Keith Shipman at the OAB office. The phone number is 503-443-2299 and his email is theoab@theoab.org.