At Work for our Members



The Oregon Association of Broadcasters provides many benefits to its member stations, including:

  • Legislative advocacy for broadcasters on statewide issues in Salem and federal issues in Washington, D.C.
  • No charge for legal advice from Matthew McCormick (legal counsel to the OAB) through the OAB LEGAL HOTLINE - questions about broadcasting for common use by OAB membership.
  • Provide broadcast job postings on our website for member station recruitment purposes.
  • Provide web based sales training for membership through 
  • An Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) that gives radio and television stations that successfully pass the inspection a three (3) year guarantee of no routine FCC inspections (and any station found to be in compliance violation will be given a period of up to 150 days to correct the violations).
  • Manage the Oregon Association of Broadcasters Political Committee (OAB PAC).
  • Manage the Oregon Association of Broadcasters Foundation (OABF).