General Manager-Radio

Station/Company: Extra Mile Media/KWIL
Location: Albany
Hours: Full Time

Job Summary

Job Posting
Are you ready to lead a Christian Media Organization into the future?
Extra Mile Media is a growing company and owner of HOPE 107.9 FM and KWIL for Christ AM
790 in Albany, Oregon. We are looking for a new leader and General Manager to provide vision
and oversite of all Media, Events, and Community Engagement.
Qualified candidates will have experience in commercial or non-commercial Broadcast Media
and understand the importance of creating engaging content. Your experience should
demonstrate success in leading a team to build community, conduct events, and grow revenue.
Your Christian beliefs are evident in a life of serving others with love and compassion. A
complete Job Description and application instructions can be found online at or requested by emailing Application packets
can also be requested via the US Postal Service by mailing Extra Mile Media, PO Box 278, Albany
OR 97321.

JOB Description
General Manager
Extra Mile Media
Salary Range $60,000 – $80,000
Bonus as determined by Executive Board

We seek a visionary leader to guide our Christian Media company into the future. You understand and are willing to learn the current challenges in media and believe opportunities abound for intelligent and brave leaders dedicated to serving others. Your energy will create a team of passionate employees focused on loving their listeners and communities. You appreciate a legacy of the past while believing in the opportunities in the future. You are creative and diverse in knowledge but understand your weaknesses and the importance of lifelong learning. While you are confident and optimistic, you remain humble. You have learned much from watching other leaders, and now it’s your turn to seize the right opportunity.
Spiritual Leadership:
The President and General Manager will hold a personal belief in God’s unfailing love for themselves and all others. You believe in the incarnation, death, and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. As a new creature in Christ, you exhibit a life of loving and serving others while seeking ways to share God’s goodness with all people.
Team Leadership:
You believe leadership is most effective when demonstrated to others. You will diligently work to create an environment where team members step out, take chances and grow. You will embrace the role of providing spiritual guidance, encouragement, and unity of purpose. You believe in the value of clear communication with clarity around goals, objectives, duties, and expectations. You will work directly with department managers to set and accomplish goals while fostering mutual respect across all departments to achieve company objectives together.
Human Resources:
You value and continue to educate yourself about company-wide compliance to federal, state, and local laws as well as the policies that govern Extra Mile Media Employees. You believe company policies exist to guide, direct and provide clarity around behavior and expectations. You embrace the importance of honest feedback through day-to-day interaction and an annual review. You strive to embrace these conversations as critical to improving job performance. You understand that hard conversations are essential to guiding a team and may include the possibility of disciplinary action or even termination. You are ever watchful to identify, recruit and hire new employees to meet the company’s needs.
You will work closely with the Executive Director of Friends of Hope to identify and request funds needed for the coming year. You will create an annual budget to be shared with the governing boards and direct company activities. You oversee the monthly collection of information for our accountant to complete proper reporting. You understand or are willing to learn the interpretation of financial reports as tools to help accomplish company goals. You will provide guidance and oversight to complete all monthly economic activities like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Payroll, Federal, State, and Local taxes overseeing that all are in good standing.
You understand the importance of creating, growing, and sustaining revenue-producing activities while continuing to explore and deploy new possibilities. You provide vision & support, so all employees understand their roles for increasing revenue. You find and identify measurements to chart success. You are ready to provide strong leadership when goals fall short and adjustments are needed. You assure employees feel fully supported to achieve revenue goals and are quick to identify and eliminate obstacles.
Effective leaders know marketing is the key to success, and you commit to learning and growing in this area. You’ll develop an effective team to manage all marketing assets and inspire your team to produce engaging content. You’re always on the watch for opportunities to gain exposure in your community and network with other companion organizations.
A successful leader knows creative people must master their craft to create great content. That’s why you believe in training and constant feedback. And while radio has always been our core medium, you recognize we are no longer just broadcasters. We are social media hosts, podcasters, and YouTubers who aren’t just on the radio. We’re now online, on social and on smart speakers. We are now a global media company ready to share our creative content with everyone. You are dedicated to personal growth to best lead your team’s creative output.
You believe engagement with our communities is a crucial objective for you and your staff. You will personally work to grow in your expertise and knowledge and become known throughout our region as our leader of Extra Mile Media. You will demonstrate your love and devotion for our communities by the way you connect with them and serve them.
Protecting and enhancing company assets is an important focus. You’ll work directly with Engineering and expand your knowledge to understand potential problems and solutions to delivering content. You’ll direct the staff to the proper use and their roles in ensuring the appropriate maintenance and protection of facility and our equipment.
You are committed to learning and completing 100% compliance with all governing organizations to assure ongoing operations. You’ll report directly to the Extra Mile Media Board and provide a report to the Friends of Hope Board.
Desired Experience
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
Experience with methods and processes for personality discovery
Personal Conduct
Your conduct should represent the company’s mission and values.

How to Apply

Job Description and application instructions can be found online at or requested by emailing Application packets can also be requested via the US Postal Service by mailing Extra Mile Media, PO Box 278, Albany OR 97321.

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Expiration: January 01, 1970