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Updated 8/11/15

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This is an Important Reminder

To: all General Managers
To: all Business Managers
To: all HR Managers

The OAB continues to receive and post job openings for your stations, and we want to know about EVERY opening and employment opportunity that you have at your stations, however we must insist that you include in you posting either “This station is an Equal Opportunity Employer” or “EOE”. The designation “EEO” is not the same as “EOE.” The OAB is not allowed to enter this information for you, it has to come from you.

The OAB has been fighting the battle over the new FCC’s EEO rules for you, and every job opening we post that does not include either “EOE” or “This station is an Equal Opportunity Employer” is a step backwards.

Help us fight the fight for you … include either “EOE” or “This station is an Equal Opportunity Employer” in every one of the job opening or employment opportunity postings that you send to the OAB.

Post your Job Openings on the OAB’s Web Site for FREE! Just email the OAB office your listings and we’ll post it for you within minutes of receiving it (you can also mail or fax the listing .. but it’ll take much longer to get posted, because I’ll have to retype the whole thing). Our email address is: theoab@theoab.org No cost .. it’s just another of the many benefits of membership in the OAB. It’s very important that you note somewhere in your posting that your station supports EOE … I know it’s the law, so everyone should “already know that” .. but there have been some who have questioned whether broadcasters are actually abiding by the law … so please add “EOE” or “This station is an Equal Opportunity Employer” to your posting. Plus, you can also post the same listings on the NASBA (National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations) Career Page for FREE. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to call or email the OAB office to get the password for your station. You can either access the site through the OAB’s web site by going to www.theoab.org. Click on Broadcast Employment, and then click on National Career Search. Or you can go directly to the Career Page at www.careerpage.org/index.html. Click on “Post your job openings”. Here’s where you’ll need the password you received from the OAB office. Either way .. it’s FREE .. from the OAB.

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