Benefits of Membership

•800# for toll-free access to the OAB office.

•Directory of the complete listing for all OAB member stations.

•No charge legal advice from Matthew McCormick (legal counsel to the OAB) for questions common to the OAB membership.

•An Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) that gives Radio and TV stations that successfully pass the inspection, a three (3) year guarantee of no routine FCC inspections, and any station found to be in compliance violation will be given a period of up to 150 days to correct the violations.

•Maintain a job bank/applicant referral program that members can access at no charge.

•Actively maintain lobby efforts in Salem and Washington, DC on behalf of broadcasters in Oregon.

•No charge for the "Answer Guy," where OAB members can receive answers to general broadcast questions.

•Dramatically reduced rates for sales training and seminars.

•Dramatically reduced rates for the Fall Conference. Oregon fees are less than 50% of the registration costs of many states, while providing the same or better quality speakers and trainers.

•Manage the Oregon Association of Broadcasters Political Committee (OAB PAC).

•Manage the Oregon Association of Broadcasters Foundation (OABF). 
The Oregon Association of Broadcasters
13500 SW Pacific Highway, # 58-225
Portland, OR 97223
Phone: (503) 443-2299