2015 Oregon Broadcasters Day at the Capitol

On Tuesday, February 17th, OAB President Bill Johnstone, several members of the OAB Board and other TV and Radio Broadcasters from around the state spent the day meeting with legislators presenting several topics that are important to Broadcasters. They also testified in favor of House Bill 2210 with Rep. John Huffman. Radio stations KGAL-AM, KMED-AM, KAST-AM, and KXL-FM were on hand to broadcast live and show people at the capitol what they do.

Here are the topics that were brought to the legislators: 
HB 2210 - First Informer Legislation
In emergency situations, Broadcasters want to make sure they can stay on the air to provide valuable information to the public. HB 2210 would ensure access to towers and equipment essential for broadcasting by credentialed Broadcasters and broadcaster engineers.

Privacy and Disclosure - Public Records requests
Access to public records is in the public interest and is important to Broadcasters in the state. We ask legislators to be mindful of the public interest when considering additional exemptions.

Central Assessment
The Broadcasters are currently exempted from being centrally assessed based on the definition of communications as dictated in the recent Comcast Supreme Court Case. The organization is interested in ensuring its members are not taxed on intangibles.

Definition of News Media
As legislation is created to define news media, we want to keep the definition inclusive. We understand the need and interest to define media in the information age, and we just hope that the definition does not become too limited.

Business Taxes
The Oregon Association of Broadcasters is made up of 76 Broadcast businesses (representing nearly 3,200 employees), most of which would be categorized as small and local businesses. We would ask law-makers to consider this, when weighing increasing taxes on businesses in the state.
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