Paul & Vicki Linnman, NAB Chairman & CEO Gordon Smith, and Robert & Marci Dove in Washington DC. 

1190 KEX Receives Service to America Award

Posted on iHeartMedia Tuesday, May 19th 2015 @ 4pm (Updated 6-19-15)

PORTLAND, OR - 1190AM Radio

We are so excited to announce that 1190 KEX has received one of the highest of honors by the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation - the Service to America Award! Only one station a year is picked from across the country and 1190 KEX has received it in regards to the 1190 KEX Kids Fund for Sight and Sound.

From 1190 KEX and iHeartMedia Portland Market President, Robert Dove: “I am pleased to write you this morning, for, in my 30 years of Broadcasting one of our stations is receiving a very special award that no station in our cluster has ever received.

KEX has been awarded the Service to Children Award for the stations incredible commitment to its “Sight and Sound” program. For those of you who are not aware, KEX has provided eye glasses and hearing aids for children who otherwise could not afford them since 1986 and has literally helped thousands families since its inception. This program has become a key fixture in helping kids who otherwise would have challenges learning in school and living a normal life.

I want to specifically thank Paul and Vicki Linnman for their stewardship of this program over the last 11 years. I would also like to thank all of you, as our local operating values creates the environment for us to receive this.”

Paul Linnman, head of 1190 KEX Kids Fund says, “Vicki [Paul’s wife] and I couldn’t be happier that the KEX Kids Fund - which I believe is unique in all of broadcasting - will be receiving much deserved recognition. Over the years, and still today, many, many KEX staffers, volunteers, and of course, our listeners, have made this program the success that it is. As you know, we’re not about awards, but getting kids what they need to succeed in school and life.
Being noticed by the NAB is the ultimate stamp of approval!”

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Congratulations to Patsy Smullin and the KOBI Team for winning the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation's Service to Children Award

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