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Please Contribute to the OAB PAC

2015 will be a very busy Legislative session in Salem, and as always there’ll be no shortage of issues voted upon that’ll impact free over-the-air broadcasters.

The Oregon Association of Broadcasters Political Action Committee (OAB PAC) is one of the vehicles we have at our disposal to make our delegates in the Oregon State House and Senate in Salem aware that we either approve or disapprove of their stance on broadcast issues and public policy issues including tax policy, employment regulation, on-air content regulation, public records access and others.

All of this requires funding–please consider contributing this year. 

No matter your role at the station, if you are an Oregon taxpayer you can contribute to the OAB PAC and you can personally benefit from that contribution. In fact, if you receive a REFUND on your Oregon State Income Tax, you’ll get the money you contributed to the OAB PAC back as part of that refund.

Oregon law provides a $50 individual income tax credit and a $100 per couple credit. However, in order to receive the Income Tax CREDIT for 2014, the contribution must be made prior to December 31, 2014.

For more information about the OAB PAC and a contribution form, see our OAB PAC page.


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